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The New NSCL Logo

Because the old NSCL logo does not reflect the fact that we now have a coupled cyclotron facility, I designed a new logo for the NSCL. This logo shows the the two cyclotrons, the K500 and the K1200, in a stylized way. This logo was not only designed to represent the coupled cyclotron facility, but also to be more in accordance with the style of MSU and other logos of MSU departments and facilities. This is most prominently reflected in the color, the proportions, and the font chosen. I chose a two-colored design because it allows the logo to be reproduced in black-and-white without any loss of its design qualities. In the same way it is possible to print the logo in a light color on a dark background. In returning to a true two-dimensional design the logo is more easily recognized, even if reproduced in a smaller scale.

This web page provides you with a number of links to files that you can copy and use for your own documents. All logo files are now located on Samba in:

I slightly modified the color of these files to match it to the official MSU green, which is Pantone 341 CVC. An RGB equivalent would be (0,101,70).

If you downloaded files before 10/29/2002, please update your files!

If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact Thomas Baumann!

Encapsulated Postscript Files:

The following files can be downloaded or viewed with any Postscript viewer. These postscript images are not bitmapped and therefore can be scaled with no resolution problems. These files should be used for printing, like for letterheads and posters, if the inclusion of postscript images is possible. The logos in these files are different from the images displayed below in that they don't have a border around them. Therefore they have an aspect ratio of 7 to 9, which is corresponding to the logo-space permissible on MSU business cards.

Enhanced Windows Meta Files (emf):

These files are perfect to be used in windows applications like PowerPoint. They have the advantage that they can be scaled since they are not bitmaps. These files are meant to be downloaded (right-click and "save link as"), then you can insert them into your word or power point documents!

GIF Files:

These gif files are meant to be used for web pages. The aspect ratio of these files is 1.00 to 1.25, and they are in four different sizes: 300 by 375, 200 by 250, 100 by 125, and 60 by 75 pixels.
NSCL logo NSCL logo NSCL logo NSCL logo
NSCL logo
NSCL logo NSCL logo NSCL logo NSCL logo
NSCL logo NSCL logo NSCL logo


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