NSCL annual reports with LaTeX

A new LaTeX class package is available that provides the layout and some extra features for the NSCL annual report. The class is called nsclannual, and if you want to use it, you should download this template file: Please note that the old LaTeX template for the annual report is not compatible with the nsclannual class. The new class package should be much easier to use anyway!

The class file itself is located in one of the TeX directories and should be found by the LaTeX compiler (on UNIX).

MikTeX users can download the example file, plus the necessary class and style file from:


In addition to the nsclannual_example.tex you need nsclannual.cls and caption2.sty. You might have to reconfigure your (go to the "Maintenance" menu).

Example of NSCL annual report using the LaTeX nsclannual class:

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