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2012 Approved and Supported Programs
Symmetry Energy in the Context of New Radioactive Beam Facilities and Astrophysics (NSCL, July 15-August 9 2013)

A way forward in the study of the symmetry energy: experiment, theory, and observation,
Jour. Phys. G 41, 093001 (2014).

Halo Physics at the Neutron Dripline: Combining Ab Initio Nuclear Theory with Halo Effective Field Theory (GSI, Feb/Mar 2014)
2013 Approved and Supported Programs
ICNT workshop "Physics of exotic nuclei: Theoretical advances and challeges" (Tokyo, June 9-13, 2014)

"Theory for open-shell nuclei near the limits of stability", organized by S. K. Bogner, M. Hjorth-Jensen and J. D. Holt, May 2015.
2014 Call for proposals (TBD)

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