NuShellX@MSU is a powerful suite of computer programs for Configuration Interaction (CI) calculations. [1]. It uses OpenMP to make use of parallel computing and runs efficiently on clusters at the iCER at MSU.

The structure of the package is shown in the figure. The central code NuShellX was written by Bill Rae. The wrapper codes were written by Alex Brown. The wrapper codes provides user friendly inputs that can be combined with scripts for arbitrarily extensive types of calculations. The wrapper contains a data base for the published Hamiltonians. It also connects to the ENSDF tables for the experimental energies of nuclei. A figure that shows the comparison between theoretical and experimental energy levels is automatically generated. Gamma-decay and Gamow-Teller beta-decay schemes are also automatically generated. It can be used by students as a tool for exploring the consequences of the CI method. It can be used by experts for testing and developing new Hamiltonians with regard to understanding experimental data and calculating observables for nuclear astrophysics and for fundamental interactions in nuclei.


[1] The Shell-Model Code NuShellX@MSU, B. A. Brown and W. D. M. Rae; Nuclear Data Sheets 120, 115 (2014). link to paper