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Next Meeting:
  • Casey Meakin (Chicago): "Hydrodynamic processes in the advanced stages of massive star evolution" - JINA talk

  • Journal Club: Friday Nov 9th (3:00 pm @ NSCL Theory Library)
    Meet the speaker: Monday Nov 12th (2:00 pm @ NSCL Theory Library)
    For the Journal Club discussion: massive & multidimensional hydro calculations!    The Impact of Hydrodynamic Mixing on Supernova Progenitors
    A longer paper with more technical details:    Turbulent Convection in Stellar Interiors. I. Hydrodynamic Simularion

    Journal Club Archive!

    Lawrence Rudnick (University of Minnesota): "Gas and Dust Layers from Cas A's Explosive Nucleosynthesis" - JINA talk
    Spitzer IRAC images and sample spectra of Cassiopeia A's explosion, J. Ennis, et. al., ApJ 652 (2006) 376.

    Casey Meakin (Chicago): "Hydrodynamic processes in the advanced stages of massive star evolution" - JINA talk
    Massive multidimensional hydro calculations: The Impact of Hydrodynamic Mixing on Supernova Progenitors
    A longer paper with more technical details: Turbulent Convection in Stellar Interiors. I. Hydrodynamic Simularion

    Carla Froehlich (Chicago): T.B.A. - JINA talk
    The nu-p process!    Neutrino-Induced Nucleosynthesis of A>64 Nuclei: The nup Process
    A recent review of some nucleosynthesis scenarios by F.-K. Thielemann: Production of intermediate-mass and heavy nuclei

    Achim Richter (TU Darmstadt): Nuclear Structure in Astrophysics - Recent Examples from the S-DALINAC (NSCL seminar).
    A sample of his work. For (even) more literature visit Richter's webpage.
    Gammow-Teller and astrophysics: Magnetic dipole and Gamow-Teller modes: quenching, fine structure and astrophysical implications ; Gamow-Teller Strength in the Exotic Odd-Odd Nuclei 138La and 180Ta and Its Relevance for Neutrino Nucleosynthesis
    12C and its charming Hoyle state: Structure of the Hoyle State in 12C (we've encountered this paper before, when we met Thomas Neff) ; A silicon microstrip detector in a magnetic spectrometer for high-resolution electron scattering experiments at the S-DALINAC (for experimenters only?)
    some neutrinos: Supernova Inelastic Neutrino-Nucleus Cross Sections from High-Resolution Electron Scattering Experiments and Shell-Model Calculations
    Lets play billiard! On some spectral properties of billiards and nuclei - similarities and differences

    Andy Howell (Toronto): The Supernova Legacy Survey: Dark Energy and Type Ia Supernovae (JINA Lunch Talk)
    some literature:
      - A Champagne Supernova in the Sky: News & Views article from Nature
      - The type Ia supernova SNLS-03D3bb from a super-Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf star
       Howell, D. A. et al. Nature 443, 308-311 (2006).

    Anna Watts (MPA Garching): Neutron star seismology - towards a relativistic Richter scale (JINA talk).
    - a recent paper from a conference proceeding:
        High frequency oscillations during magnetar flares
       Anna L. Watts, Tod E. Strohmayer, arXiv:astro-ph/0608476
    - for the experts, a PRL submission:
        Magnetar oscillations pose challenges for strange stars
       Anna L. Watts, Sanjay Reddy, arXiv:astro-ph/0609364

    Maddapa Prakash (Ohio University): Binary Mergers and the Dense Matter Equation of State (JINA talk).
        The Role of the Equation of State in Binary Mergers
        S. Ratkovic, M. Prakash, and J. M. Lattimer, arXiv:astro-ph/0512136v1
        The Physics of Neutron Stars
        J. M. Lattimer and M. Prakash, Science 304 (5670) 536

    Gabriel Martinez Pinedo (GSI): Nuclear physics aspects of suprrnovae evolution and nucleosynthesis (NSCL).
        Neutrino-induced nucleosynthesis of A>64 nuclei: The nu p-process
        C. Frohlich, et al., arXiv:astro-ph/0511376
        The role of fission in the r-process
        G. Martinez Pinedo, et al. Prog. Part. Nucl. Phy. (2007) in press.

    Jason Pruet (LLNL): Nucleosynthesis in some interesting proton-rich explosions (JINA talk).
    journal club: Friday 3/23, 3pm @ NSCL Theory Library
        Nucleosynthesis in Early Supernova Winds. II. The Role of Neutrinos
        J. Pruet, et. al. ApJ 644 (2006) 1028
    Andrew Steiner (MSU): Nuclear symmetry energy (just for fun).
    Isospin diffusion in heavy-ion collisions and the neutron skin thickness of lead
    A. W. Steiner, B.-A. Li, Phys. Rev. C 72 (2005) 041601

    If you want to know about the astrophysical implications of these results, try "Constraining the radii of neutron stars with terrestrial nuclear laboratory data" , for a more thorough (& lenghty) review on the subject check out the Physics Report "Isospin asymmetry in nuclei and neutron stars".

    Andrew also provided us with some references on the intriguing physics of Hanbury Brown--Twiss intensity interferometry (HBT): http://www.arxiv.org/abs/nucl-ex/0505014, http://arxiv.org/abs/nucl-th/9804026

    Stanley Withcomb (Caltech): LIGO, on the threshold of Gravitational Wave Astronomy (NSCL seminar).
    Observational limit on gravitational waves from binary neutron stars in the Galaxy
    B. Allen, et. al. - gr-qc/9903108
    Plans for the LIGO-TAMA Joint Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts
    P. Sutton, et. al. - gr-qc/0412123
    The LIGO Home Page!

    Anna Frebel (University of Texas): High Spectroscopic Resolution Observations of Metal-Poor Stars from SDSS/SEGUE -- Identification of Neutron-Capture Rich Stars (JINA talk).
    The discovery of HE 1327-2326: Nature paper, news & views

    Victoria Kaspi (McGill University): Magnetars! (PA Colloquium).
    Recent Progress on Anomalous X-ray Pulsars
    Victoria M. Kaspi - astro-ph/0610304
    For more information on pulsars check out McGill Pulsar Group website

    John Beacom (Ohio State University): Fossil Records of Star Formation: Supernova Neutrinos and Gamma Rays (JINA Talk).
    His own compilation of papers on the hot topics he's working on: Guaranteed and prospective Galactic TeV neutrino sources; Detection of Neutrinos from Supernovae in Nearby Galaxies; Stringent Constraint on Galactic Positron Production; Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away; TeV gamma-rays from photo-disintegration/de-excitation of cosmic-ray nuclei.

    Chris Sneden (University of Texas): Doubled Pleasure: Discovery of a Low Metallicity Carbon-Rich Binary Star System (PA Colloquium).
    A recent review article!
    Heavy element synthesis in the oldest stars and the early Universe
    J. Cowan and C. Sneden, Nature 440, 1151 (2006)

    Michael Heil (GSI): The (weak) s-process and its relation to explosive nucleosynthesis (NSCL Seminar).

    Some reference papers - pick your favourite one!
    - Heil's NIC IX conference proceedings (cross section measurements at n_TOF):
    Neutron capture cross section measurements for nuclear astrophysics at n_TOF , M Heil et al, NIC-IX Conference Proceedings.
    - A cross section measurement (activation method) and its implications in stellar nucleosynthesis:
    Neutron capture cross section of 139La , O'Brien et al, Phys. Rev. C 68, 035801 (2003)
    - The future of the field?:
    Neutron capture measurements at a RIA-type facility , Reifarth, R. et al NIM A524, 215 (2004).

    Fritz Roepke: The many roads to Type Ia supernova models (JINA Lunch talk).

    On the Mechanism of Type Ia Supernovae
    Fritz Roepke et al - arXiv.org, astro-ph/0609631

    Chris Deloye:Too Close for Comfort? The Physics of Starting and Surviving Mass Transfer in Close White Dwarf-White Dwarf Binaries (JINA).
    The Turn-On of Mass Transfer in AM CVn Binaries: Implications for RX J0806+1527 and RX J1914+2456
    Christopher J. Deloye and Ronald E. Taam - ApJL 649, 99 (2006)

    If you're interested in the nuclear physics side of the X-ray binaries, the following is a recent paper by Hendrik Schatz and Ernst Rehm on the topic:
    X-ray binaries, H. Schatz, and K.E. Rehm - NPA 777, 601

    Derek Fox: - The Nature of Short-Hard Gamma-Ray Bursts (CSCE).
    The afterglow of GRB 050709 and the nature of the short-hard gamma-ray bursts.
    D. Fox, et al. Nature 437, 845-850 (2005)

    I want more!
    - Wikipedia on GRB (it must be good information! I got to the article through a link in Derek Fox own website)
    - News & Views article in Nature (the article we'll discuss was published in a special Nature issue on GRBs)
    - Breaking News! A GRB real-time sky map with data from swift satellite (cooool stuff!).

    Thomas Neff: - Microscopic nuclear structure and reaction calculations with astrophysical applications (JINA).
    On the Structure of the Hoyle State in 12C
    M. Chernykh et. al. - Submitted somewhere (2006)
    As a reference, Thomas also provided us with a Nuclear Physics paper that introduces the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics model:
    Nuclear structure based on correlated realistic nucleon-nucleon potentials
    Roth, R.; Neff, T.; Hergert, H.; Feldmeier, H. - NPA, Vol 745 (2004) 3.

    Richard Cyburt: - BBN, WMAP, CMB, et al.(JINA)
    Primordial Nucleosynthesis in Light of WMAP
    Richard H. Cyburt, Brian D. Fields, and Keith A. Olive - PLB 567, 227-234 (2003)
    Cyburt's website contains a section with some background information on cosmology - here!

    A. Baha Balantekin: "Neutrino Many-Body Physics, Core-Collapse Supernovae, and r-process Nucleosynthesis" (NSCL)
    JINA-VJ, Volume 04, Issue 34: Neutrinos, Weak Interactions, and r-process Nucleosynthesis
    A.B. Balantekin (Wisconsin U., Madison)
    ArXiv - Nuclear Theory - nucl-th/0608047

    Oleg Gnedin:The Life and Death of Star Clusters (CSCE)
    The Unique History of the Globular Cluster omegaCentauri
    O. Gnedin, et. al. - ApJL Vol 568, No 1, L23
    For a complete overview of his research topics visit his website

    Wolfgang Hammer - Key Reactions of Nucleosynthesis in Stars (JINA)
    JINA Virtual Journal of Nuclear Astrophysics - Volume 3, Issue 12, article #36
    New determination of the 12C(a,g)16O reaction rate from gamma-ray angular distribution measurements
    J.W. Hammer, et. al. - Nuclear Physics A

    Lee Hartmann - Dynamic Star Formation (CSCE)
    - A talk about star formation: pdf talk
    - Formation of Structure in Molecular Clouds: A Case Study
    Fabian Heitsch, Andreas Burkert, Lee W. Hartmann, Adrianne D. Slyz, and Julien E. G. Devriendt
    ApJ Letter, Vol 633 (L113) 2005

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