JINA NAVI Weak interaction - dense matter - r-process workshop

November 12-16, 2012

Current Schedule (pdf)


Speaker Title File
Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo Equations of State/Weak Interaction/r-process pdf
Tobias Fischer Massive Star Explosions pdf
Sanjay Reddy    
Luke Roberts Neutrino driven wind compositions, dynamics, and nucleosynthesis pdf
Tomislav Marketin Recent applications of covariant density functional theory to spin-isospin excitations pdf
Tomas Rodriguez Energy density functional methods for nuclear structure and neutrinoless double beta decay pdf
Irina Sagert Dense matter equation of state in
neutron stars & supernovae
Elena Litvinova Relativistic many-body models for nuclear structure and astrophysics pdf
Matt Mumpower Late Time Dynamics and Implications
For r-Process Nucleosynthesis
Gang Shen Nuclear Equation of State & Weak
Interactions around neutrino-sphere