56 Scientists from 26 institutions worldwide participated in this workshop.
They represented a mix of students, postdocs, and senior scientists
from the fields of theoretical nuclear physics, theoretical astrophysics,
experimental nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, and astronomy.

Name Institution
Afanasjevs, Anatolijs University of Notre Dame
Aprahamian, Ani University of Notre Dame
Austin, Sam Michigan State University
Balsara, D. University of Notre Dame
Beers, Timothy Michigan State University
Brown, Edward University of Chicago
Cameron, A Clemson University
Champagne, Art TUNL
Chen, Alan A. McMaster University, Canada
Cheng-lie, Jiang Argonne National Lab
Clement, Ryan Michigan State University
Cole, Arthur Michigan State University
Cowan, John J. Oklahoma State University
Dillmann, Iris University of Mainz, Germany
Elliott, Thom Michigan State University
Estrade, A Michigan State University
Fisker, Jacob University of Basel, Switzerland
Geissel, Hans GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
Goerres, Joachim University of Notre Dame
Haight, Robert C. Los Alamos National Lab
Hosmer, Paul Michigan State University
Ivans, Inese Caltech
Kratz, Prof. K.-L. University of Mainz, Germany
Kronenberg, Andreas Talahassee
Liebendoerfer, Matthias University of Toronto, Canada
Mathews, Grant University of Notre Dame
Moller, Peter Los Alamos National Lab
Montes, Fernando Michigan State University
Nishimura, Shunji RIKEN, Japan
Otsuki, K University of Notre Dame
Ouellette, Michelle S. Michigan State University
Parker, Peter Yale University
Pearson, J.M. Univ. of Montreal
Peng, F. University Chicago
Rehm, Ernst Argonne National Lab
Reifarth, Rene Los Alamos National Lab
Ring, Peter University of Munich, Germany
Santi, Peter Michigan State University
Schatz, Hendrik Michigan State University
Sherrill, Bradley Michigan State University
Sneden, Chris University of Texas at Austin
Starrfield, Sumner Arizona State University
Thielemann, Friedel University of Basel, Switzerland
Thompson, Todd Universit of Arizona
Truran, Jim University of Chicago
Van Isacker, Piet GANIL, France
Vaughan, Kelly University of Notre Dame
Visser, Dale Yale University
Walters, William B. University of Maryland
Weick, H. GSI, Germany
Weissman, Leonid Michigan State University
Wiescher, Michael University of Notre Dame
Wilson, James Livermore National Lab
Woehr, Andreas University of Maryland