The r process - new experimental, theoretical, and observational opportunities



T. Beers


The search for more "r-process enhanced" stars

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A.G.W. Cameron


The r-process: 1957 to 2002

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J.J.  Cowan


The r-process, stellar abundances and ages, and unanswered questions

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I. Dillmann

Mainz (Germany)

First gamma-spectroscopic study of the N=82 r-process waiting-point nuclide 130Cd

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H. Geissel

GSI (Germany)



P. Hosmer


r-process experiments with fast radioactive beams


K.-L. Kratz

Mainz (Germany)

r-process signatures - observations versus calculations

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M. Liebendoerfer


Electron Flavour neutrinos in Stellar Core Collapse and Postbounce Evolution

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G.J. Mathews

Notre Dame

New Insights into the Nature and Origin of the r-Process


P. Moller


Fission properties of nuclei from Se to the heaviest elements and for nuclei on the r-process line

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S. Nishimura

RIKEN (Japan)

Half-life measurement of neutron-rich nuclei at RIKEN RIBF

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K. Otsuki

Notre Dame

Cosmochronology and the Universality of the r process


M. Pearson


Recent developments with Skyrme-Hartree-Fock mass formulas

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R. Reifarth


(n,g) measurements on radiactive isotopes

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P. Ring

Munich (Germany)

Review: Nuclear structure far from the valley of stability

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G. Savard


Mass Measurements of Neutron-Rich Nuclides using the Canadian Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer


C. Sneden

Texas, Austin

Observations of Neutron Capture Elements in the Early Galaxy

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F.K. Thielemann

Basel (Switzerland)

Modeling the r-process and site specific features

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T. Thompson


The physics of proto neutron star winds

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P. Van Isaker

GANIL (France)

A recursive method to calculate nuclear level densities

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W.B. Walters


Monopole shifts, nuclear binding energies and r-process nucleosynthesis

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