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Fall 2006 Program
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Sep 11
Wolfgang Hammer University of Notre Dame Key Reactions of Nucleosynthesis in Stars
Sep 25
Richard Cyburt TRIUMF SUSY Bound State effects on Primordial Nucleosynthesis
Oct 9
Thomas Neff MSU Microscopic nuclear structure and reaction calculations with astrophysical applications
Oct 23
Bill Lynch MSU TBA
Nov 6
Chris Deloye Northwestern University Too Close for Comfort?  The Physics of Starting and Surviving Mass Transfer in Close White Dwarf-White Dwarf Binaries
Nov 20
Fritz Roepke MPA Garching/UCSC The many roads to Type Ia supernova models
Dec 4
Daniela Carollo Torino The local space density of halo white dwarfs from the GSCII-based survey

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