Information for Speakers

JINA nuclear astrophysics lunch talk series

Nature of seminar and audience:

The goal of this lecture series is to bring together the diverse range of people interested in nuclear astrophysics from MSU's NSCL and the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and inform them about exciting topics in nuclear astrophysics. The audience will include scientists from diverse fields such as Accelerator Physics, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, High Energy Physics, and others. More than half tend to be students and postdocs. It will be important that the talks

Projection equipment is available. You can bring your own laptop. If you don't have a laptop please contact your host to arrange for a laptop to be provided. You can then e-mail your talk, make it downloadable on the web, or bring it on a memory stick. In this case it will be important to check whether our laptop plays your presentation correctly.

Travel arrangements:

Please make sure you fill out the JINA visitor form as soon as your seminar date is arranged, if you come from outside MSU (even if it is another JINA institution). This will inform people that you are coming so that they can help with travel arrangements. You will then be contacted concerning travel arrangements. Please do not make any travel arrangements on your own. You can also contact Linna Leslie ( directly with any questions on travel arrangements.

Please read travel preparation information if JINA is reimbursing your travel expenses, especially if you fly in from outside the US.

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