USPAS 2011: Beam Physics with Intense Space Charge

2015 Updated Version of Course

US Particle Accelerator School
Spring Session, 2011 13-24 June
Sponsored by Stony Brook
Melville, New York
2 Week Course (3 units)


John J. Barnard
Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley National Laboratories
925-997-7872 (mobile)
Steven M. Lund
Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley National Laboratories
510-459-4045 (mobile)


Mikhail Dorf
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
609-933-1133 (mobile)

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Lecture Notes:

Lecture notes will be periodically posted on this web site before material is covered in class. Paper copies of lecture notes will also be handed out in class. Corrections and additions may also be posted on the web site subsequent to lectures. Material is organized by topic in the rough order intended to be covered in class. Postings will be in pdf format including scans of handwritten notes, and conversions of electronic slides produced in OpenOffice and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Recommend using 2015 updated version of course notes

• J.J. Barnard Introduction, Envelope Equations, and Current Limits
• S.M. Lund Transverse Particle Dynamics
• S.M. Lund Transverse Equilibrium Distribution Functions
• S.M. Lund Transverse Particle Resonances with Applications to Circular Accelerators
• J.J. Barnard Injectors and Longitudinal Physics
• J.J. Barnard Continuous Focusing Beam Envelope Modes and Halo
• S.M. Lund Transverse Centroid and Envelope Descriptions of Beam Evolution
• S.M. Lund Transverse Kinetic Stability
• J.J. Barnard Pressure, Scattering, and Electron Effects
• J.J. Barnard Final Focusing and Example Applications of Intense Beams
• S.M. Lund Numerical Simulations
• J.J. Barnard Barnard Lectures Summary

Problem Sets (80% Course Grade):

Daily problem sets will be handed out in class and subsequently posted below in pdf format on this web site. The problem sets are due at the start of lectures on the next day. Solutions will not be posted on the web site but paper copies of solutions will be given in class and solutions will be reviewed. Students are encouraged to discuss the problem sets with other students, the grader, and the lecturers, but are required to turn in their own solutions.

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Final Exam (20% Grade):

A take home final exam will be handed out on the next to last lecture and subsequently posted below in pdf format on this web site. The final exam is due at the start of the final lecture. Both course lecture notes and the student's own personal notes can be used on the final exam and work must be independent. Students are not allowed to consult others other than clarification questions to the lecturers.

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