Some Important Information (Please read the entire page):

The LON-CAPA website is the first place you should go to get course information and do the homework and the exam corrections sets. You should visit LON-CAPA website soon after you join this course.

Homework and on-line lectures:

The course material, including: homework and recorded online lectures in the form of narrated PowerPoint presentations with example problems, is posted on the LON-CAPA website. A high speed internet connection is required; as is a computer with the ability to view flash video. In addition, there is a required textbook for this course.

Homework is completed on-line using the LON-CAPA website.

The closing time for each homework assignment will be the 11:59PM on Wednesday as shown on the course calendar. The corrections sets for the mid-term exams will be due on the first Sunday after each mid-term exam. Neither late homework nor late corrections sets will be accepted; the closing time will be strictly enforced. Enter your solutions early to avoid computer/network woes close to the deadline.

Assistance on physics concepts and homework:

Where can you get additional assistance?

Assistance on the homework can be obtained by going to the Physics Learning Center (PLC) in BPS 1248. The PLC will be staffed with teaching assistants during hours that will be set during the first week of class. Details are given in the links below.

In addition, questions about a specific homework problem can be posted using the "Post Discussion" located just below the homework problem. Although you can often get useful information for some of the less complicated problems using the "Post Discussion" option, better service is available by working with other students and the graduate teaching assistants in the Physics Learning Center (PLC).


You should visit the web page governing Exams. Here we are very brief and not complete. Exams will be done in the correct MSU classroom at the scheduled time. There will be 5 mid-term exams for this course and a final exam. They will NOT be on-line. For the mid-term exam, there will be an on-line corrections set. This will only be available on the LON-CAPA website to students that attend and do the in-class exam. There is no corrections set for the final exam. For students off site, off site test arrangements may be possible. These arrangements must be made in advance before the deadlines listed here.


Last updated: January 6, 2012