In good old days, in an attempt to make some attractive, eye-pleasing figures and plots, I looked into a variety of color maps and implemented them in PAW and ROOT, and made a little note about them, which is this web page. Many of the color maps posted below are now available in ROOT. I am honored to have my old page mentioned in the release notes (ROOT Version 6.04), but I took the names and colors' definitions from somewhere else (Mathematica, MATLAB, Matplotlib, gnuplot, and cubehelix), and much of the credit should go to those original authors.

Some Rainbow Colormaps

See “Rainbow Color Map (Still) Considered Harmful” at

See also “The Rainbow color map” at

RGB values

RGB values

Other colormaps (only pictures are shown)

ROOT (Version 5.34) predefined

See TColor source file and commitdiffs 1, 2, 3.


Cf. Dave Green's ‘cubehelix’ colour scheme at



Mathematica 9 colormaps

Matlab colormaps

Matplotlib colormaps

Colormaps implemented in matplotlib.