Physics Learning Center (PLC)
Help room for PHY183 - Fall 2002

1. Where and When ?

Note that the PLC is in different rooms at different days.

Monday 4:10 pm - 8:00 pm Room 1248 BPS (Strosacker Center)
Tuesday 4:10 pm - 8:00 pm Room 1240 BPS
Wednesday 4:10 pm - 9:00 pm Room 1240 BPS
Thursday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Room 1248 BPS (Strosacker Center)

Please use the PLC only during the hours scheduled for PHY183 (we share it with other classes)

There will be at least one PHY183 TA present during these times.
To see how many honor students are around when check this schedule

2. What is it and what is it good for ?

The PLC offers you:

Please take advantage of this opportunity. Spending at least an hour/week in the help room will help most students tremendously. It is much easier, much more efficient, and more fun (if one can speak of fun in connection with homework) to work on homework assignments or exam preparation in groups, and we explicitly encourage you to do so (though you should not forget to practice problem solving by yourself in an exam like environment as well !)

3. Hints and Rules for PLC use

  1. When to go ?
    You can go to the PLC whenever you like during the hours scheduled for PHY183. Obviously it is better to go early in the week, as it will be less crowded and you can get more help.

  2. Who can I get help from in the PLC
    The PLC is shared with other classes. You can ask all PHY183 TA's and PHY183 honor students that are around for help. Please try to discuss problems with TA's and honor students in the discussion area where others have the opportunity to participate and not in front of the terminals.

  3. Computer use

  4. No food and no drinks in the PLC