LON-CAPA Discussion Group

What is the LON-CAPA Discussion Group:

This is another way for you to get help with homework problems. It mainly offers you an opportunity to help fellow students.

How to use the LON-CAPA Discussion Group:

Click the "discuss" button on your homework set. This will take you to the discussion group for that specific problem. Its a good idea to try to do the problem without any hints - you will learn much more that way. If you are stuck look for hints in the discussion group. Once you are done, have a look at the discussion group and see if you can help others.

What can be posted and what not:

In principle you are free to post any information you think might be helpful to fellow students for solving their problems. We will try to be as tolerant as possible (it is OK, for example to post the equations that are needed), but will delete inappropriate messages or wrong postings to make the group as useful as possible. We sometimes also may delete messages that just give away the answer (this pertains to certain types of problems) and reduce the learning effect to zero. As in every group you should help others learn, not do the work for them.

Again, we will be as tolerant as possible in deleting messages and the postings are anonymous to other students - so post frequently - this is a forum for you !