Exam correction assignment FAQ's


1. How do I do the exam correction assignment? 
This works like any other homework assignment. The folder appears in LON-CAPA among the Homework folders and is named "Correction Set #".

2. Do I have to do all the problems again ?
Yes, each problem you get right in the correction assignment will count towards your correction score, regardless of which problems you got right or wrong in the exam. Basically this is a separate assignment where you have the opportunity to redo the exam. So you need to do all the problems.

3. How is the correction credit determined ?
Your correction credit will be determined by taking 30% of the difference between your total correction set score and your total exam score. These points will be added to your exam score at the end of the class.  Of course your exam score will never be lowered, even if your correction score is less than the exam score.

4. Why doesn't my partial credit show up on my exam score ?
The correction credit will be added to your exam score at the end of the class.

5. I had 100% in the exam. Should I do the partial credit option ?
If you had 100% on the exam you cannot gain any additional points from the correction assignment. there is no point in doing the partial credit (except if you think the additional exercise will help you).

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