The Physics Learning Center


The Strosacker Physics Learning Center (PLC) is located at BPS1248

Hours with PHY231 TAs present:

Tuesdays 2pm - 9pm
Wednesdays 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 7:30pm
Thursdays 10am - 9 pm

see detailed staffing schedule here

The room is open from 9am - 9pm Monday through Friday

What is it and what to do there:

The PLC is a place where students can work cooperatively with other students on homework and course materials. Teaching Assistants (TAs) are available as an additional resource to discuss problems with the homework or the course material. Two kinds of TAs will be available: 1) A group of general TAs who cover several courses and are not specifically assigned to PHY231. 2) In addition we will have TAs specifically trained for PHY231.

The TAs are instructed to facilitate the formation of cooperative learning groups, and will help groups should they get stuck on a problem. They will not provide one on one tutoring, and they will not do the homework for you.


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