When to contact your instructor:

How to contact Prof. Schatz and Prof. Lynch:

How to find Prof. Schatz and Prof. Lynch:

Office location: Cyclotron building
Office number: W-106 for Lynch (Section 1), W-211 for Schatz (Section 2)

Prof. Lynch's and Schatz' office are located in the cyclotron building. This is not the building where the classes are held, but a different one, accross the "science courtyard", adjacent to Chemistry.

Enter the cyclotron building through its main entrance. The main entrance is located on South Shaw Lane, right next to the Chemistry Building. There will be a friendly receptionist in the lobby. Just tell her/him that you would like to meet Prof. Lynch or Prof. Schatz, and they will call or page him. He will then pick you up in the Lobby. If you know where his office is, the receptionist might also let you just go there.

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