Nuclear Astrophysics - Spring 2005

Topics and Lecture Notes

Topic - click for lecture notes Status Material
Abundances: The Composition of the Universe covered Arnett chapter 2, Pagel 1.3. and 3, Clayton 1.9, Rolfs 1.3.1.
Grevesse & Sauval, Space Sci. Rev. 85 (1998) 161
Asplund, Grevesse & Sauval, astro-ph/0410214
Nuclear Masses:   covered Any beginners text for nuclear physics, Pagel Pg 16,17
H-burning in the sun - the pp-chain covered Pagel 5.6.1.
Introduction to reaction rates covered Pagel 2.4/2.5
NACRE Reaction Rate Compilation
Solar neutrinos ongoing

E. Roulet "Neutrino Phenomenology" astro-ph/0412639 gives a nice overview over neutrinos in general

A.B. McDonald "Solar Neutrino Measurements", astro-ph/0406253

H-burning in the sun - CNO Cycles   covered  
Stars and the Main Sequence   covered  
Reaction rates: direct reactions   covered  
Reaction rates: resonant reactions   covered  
Reaction rates: laboratory measurements   covered  
Advanced burning stages   covered  
Supernovae   covered  
The s-process   covered  
The r-process   ongoing neutron separation energies (Format is Z A Sn, with Sn in MeV)
B. S. Meyer - The r-, s-, and p-processes in nucleosynthesis, Ann. Rev. Astron. & Astrophys. 32 (1994) 153

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