Colliding Galaxies seen with the Chandra X-ray observatory

Get current images of the sun

Or do your own  observations of the sun via a web controlled robotic telescope !

Eros seen from NEAR, the first  spacecraft orbiting an asteroid
On Feb 12 NEAR landed on EROS. See the last picture (20 feet across).

Is there water beneath the surface of Mars ?

Check the latest images, movies, and sounds from  the Cassini spacecraft passing Jupiter on the way to Saturn.

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Lectures for Spring 2001:

Tuesday and Thursday 12:40 pm - 2:00 pm
Room PA 118 (Physics and Astronomy building)
by Prof. H. Schatz

Welcome to the ISP205 web site. The course information is available through the links to the left. This includes the lecture notes, which will usually be available before the lecture.

5-3 (Thursday) 8-10pm, PA118 (normal lecture room )

  • The final exam is optional. If you are happy with your grade you don't have to take it. If you choose to take the final, your lowest exam score will be dropped.

  • To check how well you have to do on the final to improve your grade Check Grade

  • The final is cumulative - it will cover the whole course. The study guide for the final are the three study guides (exam reviews) from the previous exams.

All homework, quizzes (CAPA 1-18 plus exercises), and exams (1-3) are
graded. You should check your current Grade if everything looks OK. 

There will be a (last) lecture on 4-26. Topic: Life in the universe. I will also answer questions you might have concerning the final exam.

The Great Astronomy Related Spring Break Story Contest
You can read the posted  stories here:

The Winners are: 

  • Lindsay Braverman

  • Lauren Malatesta

  • Samuel Finsh

Congratulations !

If you are interested you can click on the images to the right to learn about some recent discoveries in astronomy and to check on the status of some current space missions.

If this is not exciting enough check out this site and cast your vote:

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