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Spring 2007

Teaching:  H. Schatz

Time      : Wednesday and Friday 11:25 am - 12:40 pm
Location: NSCL Seminar room

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  • The mass data needed for the last homework set can be found here. These are neutron separation energies from the FRDM 1992 mass model. The format is Z A Sn, with Sn in MeV. It is a machine readable plain text file.
  • You can make up all lost points on problem 1 on homework set 9, if before the final exam day you show me a revised graph that satisfies all criteria (clarity, breakout region, XRB conditions, axis ranges, etc)

    You can bring the graph to my office or drop it in my mailbox together with your original homework for set 9.
  • Final exam: Tuesday, May 1, 12:45 - 2:45 in the NSCL Seminar room

    The exam will be closed book. You need to know simple equations such as definition of abundance and mass fraction; relation of rate lambda and stellar reaction rate, lifetime and halflife; cross section definition; how to calculate a Q-value; experimental yield; and the like, but anything more complicated will be provided if needed.

    You will need a calculator.

    Please e-mail me as soon as possible if you have any conflicts with this date and time.

Assignment status:

  • HW12 due 4-27 at class time

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