Unpublished Notes

Beware of what you find here!
These notes are of varying degrees of completeness, correctness, and quality.
Some stuff ended up in my graduate thesis.
Other stuff ended up in my publications.
Some stuff I never got around to finishing.
Some stuff I will never finish, while some stuff are the seeds of future publications.


"Finished" means that I have double-checked all the equations,
proofread the text a few times, listed all the references, and
put in all the plots, diagrams, figures, & sections instead of
their placeholders. However, I probably still have plans to
add/change some material in each of them, so check the version number!
These notes can be more or less freely distributed.

The E1 & M1 Spontaneous Decay Rates for an Emitter Inside a Cavity Within a Medium
V1.00 (16 pages) October 8, 2014

Solution to atom number dependant rate equation
(no version number) (1 page) February 4, 2013

Quick Note on Laplace Transform of Multiple Exponential Decays
(no version number) (1 page) November 5, 2012

Radium EDM Experiment High Voltage System: Hazard Mitigation & Operating Procedures
V3.00 (21 pages) November 1, 2012

Estimating the Magnetic Flux Generated By a Nuclear-Spin-1/2 Polarized Sample
V1.37 (11 pages) February 22, 2011

Estimating the X-Ray Dose Rate from the MARATHON Tritium Target
V1.10 (13 pages) February 22, 2011

Towards a Better Vacuum for the Radium EDM Experiment
V1.00 (44 pages) November 29, 2010

A Primer on Using Atom-Light Interactions to Study Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping Polarized 3He Target Cells
V2.00231930436 (112 pages) February 26, 2009

A Note About Temperature Tests
V0.92 (4 pages) January 09, 2009

A Note About Beam Depolarization
[no version number] (6 pages) December 12, 2008

Polarization Gradients in A Two Chambered Cell
V2.00 (40 pages) August 8, 2008
- new value for K-He3 spin exchange rate
- Sec 1.2 - new estimates for thermal and pressure equilibration time scales
- corrected Eqn. 32 for equilibrium polarization in pc
- Sec 1.5 - added time evolution near t=0
- added correct density correction to Bethe-Bloch Eqn. 70
- added new equation for na, Eqn. 109
- Sec 2.6 - added estimates for other small beam depolarization mechanisms
- corrected Tab. 10 with new value of K-He kse
- added new method to measure dtc, Eqn. 189
- added E142 data to Tab. 11
V1.37 (34 pages) December 6, 2006

Alkali Metal Vapor Pressures & Number Densities for Hybrid Spin Exchange Optical Pumping
V1.95 (16 pages) April 23, 2008

Light Propagation Through a Polarized Alkali Vapor in a Magnetic Field at an Arbitrary Angle
V1.10 (5 pages) January 24, 2008

Determining the Sign of Polarization Relative to the Magnetic Field in the Polarized ^3He Target
V1.00 (16 pages) May 2, 2007

Radiation Thickness, Collisional Thickness, Most Probable Collisional Energy Loss for E97110: The GDH Sum Rule, the Spin Structure of 3He and the Neutron using Nearly Real Photons
V1.30 (20 pages) March 18, 2007

Some Considerations Regarding Pumping Chamber Diameter
V2.00 (11 pages) January 18, 2007

Magnet Box Coils Current Model
V1.50 (9 pages) June 24, 2006

Some notes on Alkali-^3He SEOP
V1.10 (13 pages) June 15, 2006

Some Questionably Useful Comments on the Requirements for a Magnet Power Supply for G_E^n
V1.00 (3 pages) June 8, 2005

G_E^n Cell Inventory
(6 pages) April 17, 2005
(beware: this is old and out of date. it is included b/c of some
useful calculations and tables. for more up to date info, see here.)


"Unfinished" means that I have *not* double-checked all the
equations, nor listed all the references, and still have many
placeholders for various plots, diagrams, figures, & sections
. I may plan on ''finishing'' them one day, but for now, they are
not really meant for distribution. However, given all these caveats,
they contain alot of information and some sections are "finished."
Therefore, if you are interested in them, take them, but beware,
I promise nothing!

Estimating the Size of Magnetic Fluctuations Due to Johnson Noise Currents
V0.5 (12 pages) May 17, 2011

The Effect of AC Zeeman Frequency Shifts Due to the NMR RF Field Used for AFP in EPR-Frequency-Shift 3He Polarimetry
V0.70 (14 pages) March 24, 2009

Some Quick and Dirty Comments About Polarizing Xe-129
V1.0 (9 pages) February 1, 2008

Some Additional Thoughts on the Hybrid Paper
V1.1 (5 pages) January 10, 2008

A User's Guide to Radiative Corrections for Inclusive Electron Scattering from a Polarized ^3He Target at JLab Energies
V0.01 (13 pages) March 3, 2007

Formulae for Inclusive Electron Scattering
V0.01 (6 pages) February 18, 2007

Some Consequences of the Presence of N_2 Gas in Polarized ^3He Target Cells
V0.50 (6 pages) January 26, 2007

Some notes on ^3He and Water NMR Polarimetry
V0.50 (25 pages) April 20, 2007

Some notes on ^3He Polarimerty using Alkali EPR Frequency Shifts
V0.10 (38 pages) March 17, 2006

On Using Weak Laser Light-Alkali Atom Interactions to Study Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping
V1.51 (86 pages) February 6, 2007

On Hybrid Pressure Broadening Studies
V0.50 (19 pages) May 1, 2006

A Potpourri of Combiner Fiber Studies
V0.50 (15 pages) October 21, 2005

Notes on the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum Rule and It's Extension to Nonzero Q^2
V0.50 (20 pages) May 7, 2005

Laser Power Requirement of Optical Pumping and Rate Equations
V1.00 (4 pages) January 30, 2005

Holding Field Angle Measurements
V0.10 (7 pages) September 24, 2004

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