Project history

June 8th 2004: Published Review Article “Reaching the limits of nuclear stability”,
Rep. Prog. Phys. 67 (2004) 1187
Table of discovery of lightest observed proton-rich nuclei for 11<Z<98 and heaviest observed neutron-rich nuclei for 8<N<37
June 2005: Presentation “Exploring the limits of stability” at the International Symposium on Exotic Nuclear Systems ENS’05 in Debrecen, Hungary, published in AIP 802 (2005) 250
Extension of discovery tables for proton-rich nuclei to 3<Z and neutron-rich nuclei to 3<N. Also known unbound nuclei/resonances for 5<Z<12 and 4<N<17 were listed.
Sept. 2007: Professorial Assistant Joshua Q. Ginepro starts searching NSR data base and saves PDF files of articles reporting discovery of all isotopes. First article saved on September 6th, 2007: “Half-lives of 62Ga, 66As, and 70Br”, D.E. Alburger, Phys. Rev. C 18 (1978) 1875
Nov. 19th 2008: First article submitted to At. Data Nucl. Data Tables:
“Discovery of the cerium isotopes”,
J.Q. Ginepro, J. Snyder, M. Thoennessen,
At. Data. Nucl. Data Tables 95 (2009) 805
Jan. 22nd 2009: Cerium article accepted
Nov. 10th 2009: Cerium article published
Nov. 13th 2011: Final paper submitted to At. Data Nucl. Data Tables:
“Discovery of the actinium, thorium, protactinium, and uranium isotopes”,
C. Fry, M. Thoennessen
May 25th 2012: All papers accepted for publication and available on arXiv
March 6th 2013: Final paper published and available online