Symposium on 
"Nuclear Equation of State used in Astrophysics Models"
Philadelphia, August 25-26, 2004
Part of the 228th ACS National Meeting
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Studies in the past two decades of nuclear matter created at subnormal or supernormal density in heavy ion collisions have resulted in experimental constraints on the nuclear equation of state (EOS) of symmetric matter. More recent experimental work and calculations have started to identify a range of observables that are sensitive to the density dependence of the asymmetry term of the EOS. Such information is important for modeling the structure of the neutron stars and the dynamics of supernova explosions. However, the links between the astrophysics and nuclear reaction communities are weak; investigations in one field often do not reflect the best current understanding of the issues in the other field.

To provide a forum to improve the links between the nuclear and astrophysics communities performing such investigations, a symposium on “Nuclear Equation of State used in Astrophysics Models” will be held at the 228th American Chemical National Meeting at Philadelphia, August 22-26, 2004. The symposium is sponsored by the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (DNCT) of the ACS and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA). We hope the discussions at this symposium will lead to possible collaboration between nuclear scientists who know what are the important quantities to be determined and astrophysicists who will incorporate the most accurate nuclear information into their astrophysical models. If there is enough interest, this symposium may be followed by workshops aimed at fostering such collaboration.

The format will include invited talks as well as contributed talks. If you would like to participate at the symposium and/or present a talk on the subject, please follow the “to submit an abstract” link. The deadline of the abstract is April 30. To allow the organizers time to retrieve any abstracts accidentally misclassified, it is best if you send the abstract in before April 15 and please notify us of your submission.


Betty Tsang, NSCL, Michigan State University, USA
Walter Lovland, Oregon State University, USA  

General information including lodging and registration is availabe here on June 8.

Symposium sponsored by:  The Division of Nuclear Chemistry of the ACS
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