For parents who are interested in the best math education Okemos currently has to offer for college
bound students. The key is to minimize the amount of CMP materials you child will be exposed to:

1. Sixth graders : skip 6th grade CMP to take 7th grade math
    a. If you child can pass the test given at the end of the school year.
    b. Even if you child cannot pass, waive the child into the 7th grade math.
    c. In 1998-1999 school year, 13 out of 15 students in a math class did not pass the qualified test.
        They all did well in the 7th grade math class. Don't be intimated by teachers or principals who
        say your child is not ready. Instead believe in your child and make sure your child do some
        math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions in the summer.

2. Seventh graders : take the 8th grade honors math class
    a. If your child can pass the test given at the end of the school year or
    b. sign a waiver form and waive the child into the honors 8th grade math.
    c. The experience of parents said the child needs to work hard in the beginning of the school term
        in order to catch up with the Algebra materials. Make sure your child do some 7th grade math
        in the summer even if it means you need to hire a tutor.

3. Eighth graders : Take CHAMPS or high school Honor Algebra I or 8th grade honors math
    a. to qualify for CHAMPS, you child must take SAT and score above certain scores.
        CHAMPS is a very intensive math course (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Algebra III
        in two years). The class meets only once a week at MSU for fifteen weeks.
        It is not for everyone.
    b. Make sure you child really has mastered Algebra I before you sign him/her up for Algebra II
        or Geometry.  Because of all the CMP materials thrown into the 8th grade honors math, your
        child may not be as prepared as students who took  traditional Algebra I.
    c. If you child is in the regular 8th grade math, that means he/she is at least two math grade
        level behind students in Hong Kong and Singapore.

4. High Schoolers : Take all the Honor Track classes and AP class only.
    Do not take CORE PLUS or Integrated math.