Negative Reviews
Review by Texas Education Agency
Review of CMP from Mathematically Correct

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Positive Reviews by CMP authors and colleagues
(None of the studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals).

Wayne Bishop's evaluation of : Effects of the CMP on Student Attainment by Hoover, Zawojewski, Ridgway
Wayne Bishop's evaluation of : Standards-based middle grade ... by Lapan, Reys, Barnes, & Reys
Letter by Barbara Reys
Reply To Barbara Reys
There is no consensus among "education experts" regarding the effectiveness of CMP programs. Parents should be aware that to most education experts, our children are just guinea pigs in their studies, numbers in their graphs. There is no risk to these education experts when they study our children, only the benefits of receiving grant money. This is especially true for studies bankrolled by publishers.
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