Gordon Research Conference on
Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Reactions
June 15-20, 2008, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH

Chair: Betty Tsang
Vice Chair: Andrew E. Stuchbery


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Special thanks to our contributors :

  Hilger Crystals, contact Jim Telfer  
  European Physical Journal A , contact Christian Caron, and Sabine Lehr  
  Wiener, Plein & Baus, Ltd., contact Andreas Ruben  
  Nuclear Physics A , contact Rose Olthof  
  National Science Foundation, contact Brad Keister  

Scientific Program


Afternoon and evening Activities

1. Beer/wine selections: Pawel Danielewicz,
2. Refreshment selection: Bill Lynch
3. Sport: Wolfgang Trautmann,
4. Afternoon Tours (Tue and Wed) (by car): Molgarzata Pfabe,
5. Women Luncheon: Sherry Yennello,
6. Hiking/biking/canoes: Chuck Horowitz, Andrew Steiner,
7. Swimming/boating: volunteers,
8. Photographer: Volunteers,
9. Other activities: volunteers




Poster Sessions: Larry Phair

Discussion Slide: Michael Famiano