Topdrawer for Linux

LOCATION: /projects/hira/bin/td (/soft/intel/topdrawer/bin/td)

to run the unix topdrawer with the old convention for sub/superscripts.

td -b -d postscr

and under TD type

set file in <topdrawer filename>

README for Topdrawer on Linux

Topdrawer Documentation

Notes on CASE command (japanese)

To use subscript use C2(open) and C3(close), for superscript use C0(open) and C1(close)

Symbols Table

(e.g. to use solid circles, use: set symbol "AP")

To convert topdrawer files from VMS to Linux:

To print a graph in topdrawer, run td and enter:
set dev post
set file in <filename>

These commands generate a postscript file named fort.72, you can print it with:
lpr -Pwest_color fort.72

If the topdrawer file does not work:
The .top files may have strange carriage returns or other characters, use
pico filename
to do minor edits, save the file and exit.


--Converts topdrawer files to PostScript files /projects/hira/bin/top2ps
usage: top2ps [tdfilename]

-if filename is not specified, the program uses by default
-the output file is called fort.72

Note: tdfilename must not have any underscore characters