Physics 802
Spring 2016
Student Presentations
May 3, 7:45-9:45am, 1415 BPS



Haakon Treider
Neutron rich matter. What 208Pb can tell us about neutron stars

Nathan Watwood
Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of 130Te with CUORE-0

Dustin Frisbie
Neutrino cooling in neutron star crusts

Brenden Longfellow
First Observation of 2+ Excited State in 26O

Rob Elder
The Tetraneutron: Nucleus in Contention

Sara Ayoub
Near-Earth Supernovae Probed by Deep-Sea Deposits of Radioactive 60Fe

Katie Childers
The Use of Antineutrinos to Monitor Heavy Water Reactors

Dayah Chrisman
67Cu as a medical isotope

Stefan Rost
N=34 - a new magic number?

Adrian Weisskopf
Neutrinoless double beta decay

Mara Grinder
Pear Shaped Nuclei

Xingze Mao
Ab initio calculation of the Hoyle state

Daniel Votaw
Can we harvest isotopes with FRIB?