Physics 802
Spring 2017
Student Presentations
May 2, 2017, 7:45-9:45am, 1415 BPS
10:00-11:00am 1300 FRIB Auditorium


Isaac Yandow:
Using Antineitrino Detectors to Determine the Content of Nuclear Reactor Cores
Jeremy Lantis:
The Lower Limit of the Heat Capacity of Neutron Stars
Jaclyn Schmitt:
The Proton Radius Puzzle
Alec Hamaker:
Discrepancy in the Neutron Lifetime
Tamas Budner:
Using ultracold neutrons to constrain the neutron electric dipole moment
Paige Abel:
Super Heavy Elements: Progress Towards Element 120
Aditya Savanur:
A new functional to describe deformed nuclei
Jason Surbrook:
The existence of the tetraneutron system
Pierre Nzabahimana:
Alpha-Alpha Scattering
Daniel Rhodes:
Using Heavy Ions in Cancer Radiation Therapy
Mengzhi Chen:
Direct evidence of octupole deformation in 144Ba and 146Ba
Kuan Zhu:
Characterizing Neutron-Proton Equilibration in Nuclear Reactions with Subzeptosecond Resolution
John Ash:
Harmonic Oscillator Magic Numbers tested by 110Zr
Chris Richard:
Beyond the Neutron Drip Line: Studying 26O
Chun Yuen Tsang:
Measurement of interaction between antiprotons
Ina Berentsen Kullmann:
The upbend in the gamma-strength function
Tong Li:
Exploring the Nuclear Pasta Phases in Core-Collapse Supernova Matter
Felix Ndayisabye:
Predicting Stability of Heaviest Nuclei
Caley Harris:
Using geoneutrinos to probe Earth's interior
John Bromell:
Ab Initio Calculation of the Hoyle State