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NEWS: CE DWBA code for composite projectiles "FOLD" is available for download...

Charge-exchange reactions at intermediate energies have long been recognized as an important tool to study the spin-isospin response of nuclei. Besides the direct information they provide about the structure of nuclei, they have specific applications relating to other fields such as astrophysics (e.g. supernovae, processes in neutron-star crusts) and particle physics (e.g. neutrinoless double beta decay). The charge-exchange group at the NSCL has a broad program aimed at all of these aspects. Read More...

A variety of probes are available to study charge-exchange reactions. To study the spin-isopsin response of stable nuclei, the NSCL charge-exchange group uses the (t,3He) and (3He,t) reactions, at 115 MeV/u and 140 MeV/u, respectively. The (t,3He) experiments are performed at the NSCL, using a secondary triton beam and (3He,t) experiments are done at RCNP, Osaka. Our group is pioneering charge-exchange studies on rare isotopes at the NSCL and focus on the (7Li,7Be) and (p,n) reactions in inverse kinematics. Read More...

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  • Remco G.T. Zegers
  • Professor of Physics & Associate Director for Experimental Research
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  • NSCL, Michigan State University
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