The DWBA code-package WSAW/FOLD/DWHI

The package WSAW/FOLD/DWHI can be used to calculate cross section for charge-exchange reactions with composite probes. A Package for linux is available (DOS/WINDOWS is no longer supported); compilation is necessary. Instructions and References are included in the package. These codes come with no guarantees (i.e. check your outputs!) but must be properly referenced as mentioned in the documentation: The code, and corresponding inputs are based on contributions from several authors. In a version close to the ones available here, it was first used in: R.G.T. Zegers et al. Phys. Rev. C 74, 024309 (2006). Several minor changes were made after that.

Click here for: DOS/WINDOWS package is no longer supported

Click here for: linux package

For questions/comments, you can contact me. This code is work in progress and feedback is helpful for all users.