Lodging & Local info

EBSS2011 will take place from July 25 to July 30, 2011 at NSCL/Michigan State University.


Participants of EBSS2011 will stay at Gatehouse Suites in East Lansing. You do not have to reserve a room yourself and the hotel costs are supported by the school. Students will share rooms with either 1 or 2 others students. Please contact us if there are any special circumstances we need to consider when making the reservations.
Gatehouse Suites is conveniently located at the edge of the MSU campus (location A on the map below) and the walk to NSCL (location B) is about 20 minutes. Downtown East Lansing is also within walking distance. One can also take the bus (CATA). A bus stop for line 22 (Hasslett-Meridian Mall-MSU) can be found near the hotel along Grand River Ave. just before Spartan Ave. If you take this line West, it brings you from the hotel to the CATA bus station, which is just next to the cyclotron. A route schedule can be found at at the CATA website. A ride costs $1.25 and line 22 operates between ~6 am ~8.30 pm.
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Local Info

MSU campus maps can be found on the website of MSU. Maps of East Lansing can be found on the website of the City of East Lansing. To travel between the hotel and downtown east lansing, you can use CATA line 1 (for schedules see the CATA website). It operates between ~5:30 am and ~11 pm.
A map is shown of the buildings near the cyclotron. The main sites (NSCL, the Chemistry building (lectures will be held in room 136), Owen Graduate Hall (lunches/dinners) and the busstation are highlighted. By clicking on the map, you can download a pdf version of this map.