Opening    Brad Sherrill, NSCL/MSU
Overview of ReA facility    Dave Morrissey, NSCL/MSU
Nuclear structure studies at medium and high-spins utilizing ReA6/12    Mike Carpenter, ANL
Shell Evolution and Direct-transfer Reactions at ReA    Alan Wuosmaa, U. of Connecticut
Heavy Elements and the Path to FRIB    Walter Loveland, Oregon State U.
ISLA, A Recoil Separator for ReA3/6/9/12    Matt Amthor, Bucknell
Nuclear Astrophysics Measurements with ReA    Catherine Deibel, LSU
Study of light exotic nuclei and clustering phenomena studied through the unbound states with ReA    Grigory Rogachev, Texas A&M
Physics opportunities with the AT-TPC at ReA    Daniel Bazin, NSCL/MSU
Fusion of neutron-rich light nuclei: What can we learn?    Sylvie Hudan, Indiana
Direct-reaction studies around Sn and Pb at ReA    Ben Kay, ANL
Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Exotic Nuclear Systems    Alan McIntosh, Texas A&M
Opportunities for Heavy Element Science with ReA    Cody Folden, Texas A&M
Study of nuclear structure from fusion evaporation reactions with radioactive beams    Alexander Voinov, Ohio U.
Shape evolution in neutron-rich nuclei toward the r-process path    Ching-Yen Wu, LLNL
DSAM lifetime measurements at ReA    Hiro Iwasaki, NSCL/MSU