Hendrik Schatz

University Distinguished Professor

Nuclear Astrophysics

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I am a Professor of Physics at Michigan State University at the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.
I am also serving as Director of the JINA Center for the Evolution of the Elements, a NSF Physics Frontiers Center.

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I work at the intersection of nuclear physics and astrophysics. My group focuses mostly on accelerator experiments with radioactive beams that restage the same nuclear reactions that occur inside stars. We also perform computer simulations of the nuclear reactions in stars. Our main interest right now are X-ray bursts, neutron star crusts, and the weak rapid neutron capture process in supernova explosions.

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I teach large introductory physics classes for undergraduates, a nuclear astrophysics graduate course that I developed, and I also teach at summer and winter schools. My teaching materials and lecture notes are available online and can be used freely.

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