Nuclear Astrophysics - Spring 2003

Topics and Lecture Notes

Topic - click for lecture notes Status Material
Abundances: The Composition of the Universe   covered Arnett chapter 2, Pagel 1.3. and 3, Clayton 1.9, Rolfs 1.3.1.
Grevesse & Sauval, Space Sci. Rev. 85 (1998) 161
"We are all stardust": Overview Nucleosynthesis   covered  
Nuclear Physics that governs the Universe: Part I: Masses - Stability and Decay   covered Any beginners text to nuclear physics
Part II: Reaction Rates

    Direct Reactions
    Resonant Reactions and summary
covered Arnett chapter 3.3-3.4, Pagel 2.5-2.7, Clayton chapter 4, Rolfs ?
Articles with explanations of the basic stellar reaction rate formalism:
FCZ (Fowler, Caughlin, Zimmerman, Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophysics 5 (1967) 525) and NACRE (Angulo et al. Nucl. Phys. A 656 (1999) 3
The reaction rates in FCZ are not up to date anymore, but NACRE is a current compilation.
Part III: Beta decay Rates skipped
The Life of Stars: Stellar burning stages
    Hydogen burning - steady flow

    Other burning stages
covered Rolfs chapter 6.1-6.2, Clayton 5.1-5.4, Pagel 5.6, Arnett 7.1-7.3
The Death of Stars: Supernovae, Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs pdf covered Rolfs 2.5.4 and 8.3, not covered in Clayton, Pagel 5.9, 5.11, Arnett 9,11,13
Beyond Iron I: The mystery of the r-process pdf covered Pagel 6.3., Clayton 7.3. (outdated), Rolfs 9
B.S. Meyer ARA&A32 (194) 153
Beyond Iron II: s- and p-process pdf covered Pagel 6.2, Clayton 7.3. (outdated), Rolfs 9
B.S. Meyer ARA&A32 (194) 153
Beyond Iron III
Hydrogen burning at the extremes
- the rp process
pdf done  

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