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Bicycle Regulator

This is a regulator for a 6V/3W bicycle generator system. The purpose is to switch to rechargeable batteries when the generator is idle. In addition, the device limits the voltage across the bulbs when the generator operates at a high speed.
As you can see, the circuit is purely electrical. In the presented design, the switch has been moved, compared to the original to a location where the switch better functions under different circumstances. I kept the regulator on the bike for 2 years during which the circuit operated fairly satisfactorily. Thereafter, I moved on to an electronic regulator optimized for the operation with a hub dynamo.


When the main switch is in the on position, and the generator is not running, the bulbs are fed by five reachargeable batteries. Either NiCd or NiMH batteries may be employed. A running generator feeds the relay, which switches the bulbs to the generator in place of the batteries. Excess voltage across the generator is used to recharge the batteries. The Zener diodes are for protection. The batteries can be further recharged through the charger jack. I have used a 7.2V Radio Shack Battery Charger for the purpose.


As is seen, the circuit, generator, and lights share the ground. All unmarked diodes are 1A Schottky. D1 is some generic all-purpose 1A diode. The low-current polarized DPDT (double-pole double-throw) relay was purchased from Electronic Goldmine. Since many relay manufacturers start their lineup with such relays, you might be able to get one from elsewhere. The relay's line of action goes horizontally across the figure. Different connections and colors are for my own reference.

All elements may be nicely packed onto a 1_3/4"x1_3/4" circuit board and placed, with the 5 AA batteries, switch, mounted LED, and the charger jack, in a 1_5/8"x2"x2_3/4" aluminum box. I have used 800mAh nicads from Radio Shack, which I soldered in series. Currently, higher-capacity NiMHs are available.

I mounted the regulator box on my wire basket. Using reflector holders, it could be mounted on the frame.


I have used a FER 2001 generator and lights with a halogen bulb in the front and with a regular bulb in the back. The regulator ensures that motorists see me at an intersection while I'm standing. The device genuinly gives me more security and the drivers respect me more.

We do not have any hills here, so I cannot assess the operation for a steep climb. A possibility is to include a trimmer resistor in series with the relay for adjustments.


The schematic shown above is the most conservative, letting the generator to take over whenever there is a slightest sign of life from that generator. As the system performed reliably, I decided, eventually, to tip the balance more towards the batteries. Thus, I reduced the capacitor value from 330uF to 75uF (the capacitor affects the delay in the reaction of the regulator) and I put a resistor of 270ohm in series with the relay (the resistor affects the threshold at which the generator takes over). The particular values would, generally, depend on the relay and on the taste, and should be experimented with. In my case, the batteries now take over when the light driven by a generator dims significantly.


to share with would-be designers:
  • The use of Zener diodes for protection, when dealing with such large inductances as that of a generator, or of a charging transformer, is absolutely essential. Without the diodes, you will fry the delicate relay poles in no time. Capacitors are useless for the purpose.
  • Finding a right charging adapter turned out to be quite tricky. I tried a number of them using the generous Radio Shack return policy and buying individual adapters from different outlets.
  • Do not count on the different relay poles to fire simultaneously.
  • Solar cells can deliver a respectable charging current in bright sun. However, the current becomes abysmal under cloudy winter skies. Around here (Michigan) these cells offer no alternative to a generator.
  • Standard battery holders are not practical on a bicycle. The batteries easily pop out.

Another Regulator Version

Someone has asked me for a version of the simple regulator with a full-wave rectification, for a dynamo with separated ground, without the option of charging with an AC adapter, given that batteries could be taken out and charged outside. The schematic and comments are given here.

Dynamo Lighting Links

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  • Principle:
  • How Does a Generator Work?, Bicycle Dynamo - How It Works?,
  • The modern bicycle dynamo - by Guy S.M. Moore in Physics Education (access charge)

  • History:
  • Die Entwicklung der elektrischen Fahrradbeleuchtung (1886 - 1936) by Jos Rietveld (in German)

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  • Manufacturers:
  • Schmidt Maschinenbau (best hubs, E6 and Edelux lamps), E6 Technical description
  • Busch & Muller (front and rear LED lamps w/stoplights, IQ Cyo, Toplight Line+ TopLight Flat+, E-Werk charger, good bottles)
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  • Supernova Lighting Systems (Supernova E3 LED lamp - expensive, looks good; on-line store)
  • Philips (SafeRide LED lamp)
  • Renak Enparlite (dynohub from the former GDR, can be mechanically disengaged)
  • aufa (formerly FER, survived unification; makers of lamps, spoke, bottle and block dynamos)
  • Basta, incorporated Union and Soubitez under Marwi, recently acquired by the Dutch Axa (some good bottle and bottom bracket dynamos and halogen lamps)
  • Büchel (lamps, bottle dynamos)
  • Dynosys Lightspin (efficient bottle)
  • Spanninga (Bird-Ekolight headlamp w/backup, Radius, rear lamps w/backup, efficient bottle; used to distribute Pioneer Eurolight dynamo system), Jos (lamps, low-end bottle dynamos)
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  • Hella (Finnish lamps, including front LED w/battery backup; taken over by Spanninga??)
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  • Homebrew:
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  • My Electronics Links

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