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Fall 2007 Program

Every other Monday from 12:30-1:30 in room 1400 BPS building, Michigan State University.

If you are a student or postdoc at MSU
check out the JINA Nuclear Astrophysics Club
for opportunities to meet with the speakers !

Sep 17
Richard Cyburt
Oct 1
Andy Howell Toronto The Supernova Legacy Survey:  Dark Energy and Type Ia Supernovae
Oct 15
Oct 29
Carla Froehlich Chicago Nucleosynthesis Processes in Core Collapse Supernovae
Nov 12
Casey Meakin Chicago Hydrodynamic processes in the advanced stages of massive star evolution
Nov 26
Khalil Farouqi Chicago Modern r-process calculations from the waiting-point concept to full dynamical network calculations.
Dec 10
Ed Brown and Remco Zegers MSU Recipe for a Type Ia Supernovae: Simmer before Igniting!

Organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics at Michigan State University's NSCL and Dept. of Physics and Astronomy.