PHY983 Spring 2007
Schedule and Notes

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change as we progress in class - please check frequently and watch message board


Day Topic and Notes HW Materials
1/10 W Introduction, Abundances (Notes)    
1/12 F Abundances HW1 handout  
1/17 W Abundances/Masses and decay modes (Notes)    
1/19 F No Class    
1/24 W Abundances group exercise HW1 reading assignment due  
1/26 F Nuclear Masses and decay modes HW1 due, HW2 handout  
1/31 W No class    
2/2 F Nuclear burning in the sun, pp-chain (Notes)
Introduction to stellar reaction rates (Notes)
HW2 due, HW3 handout NACRE link
2/5 M Nuclear burning in the sun, neutrinos (Notes)    
2/7 W Room: BPS1400 Main Sequence Stars (Notes)    
2/9 F CNO cycle group exercise (CNO Notes) HW3 due, HW4 handout Wallet Cards (Masses and Half-lives)
2/14 W No class    


F Reaction Rates (direct) (Notes) HW4 due, HW5 handout  
2/19 M Reaction Rates (direct)    
2/21 W Reaction Rates (Resonant) (Notes) HW6 handout  
2/23 F Midterm Exam    
2/28 W Laboratory Measurements (Notes)    
3/2 F No class HW5 due in mailbox  
Spring   Spring Break    
3/12 M Explosive Hydrogen Burning partI (Notes)    
3/14 W Explosive Hydrogen Burning partII (Notes) HW7 handout  
3/16 F No class HW6 due in mailbox  
3/19 M Explosive Hydrogen Burning partII continued    
3/21 W Advanced Stellar Burning Group Exercise    
3/23 F Advanced Stellar Burning (Notes) HW7 due, HW8 handout  
3/28 W Nuclear Statistical Equilibrium    
3/30 F Supernovae (Notes) HW8 due, HW9 handout  
4/4 W Supernovae    
4/6 F Supernovae/n-capture processes HW9 due, HW10 handout  
4/11 W s-process Group Exercise    
4/13 F s-process, intro r-process (Notes) HW10 due, HW11 handout  
4/18 W r-process Group Exercise (Intro notes)    
4/20 F r-process (Notes) HW11 due, HW12 handout  
4/25 W r-process/p-process    
4/27 F summary HW12 due  
    Final Exam