PHY983 Spring 2013

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NOTE: This schedule is subject to change as we progress in class - please check frequently and watch message board


Day Topic/Lecture Notes HW Materials


Introduction and Survey GRA1 handout  
1/9 W Solar abundances: Determination of and Results   Lodders2003 abundances (Format Z A deltaA)
1/11 F Abundances

HW1 handout

1/14 M Group exercise solar abundances GRA1 due  
1/16 W      
1/18 F Extra solar abundances HW1 due, HW2 handout  
1/21 M No classes - Martin Luther King Day    
1/23 W Masses and Decays   AME2012 Q-value Notes
1/25 F   HW2 due, HW3 handout  
1/28 M pp-chain    
1/30 W Intro astrophysical reaction rates    
2/1 F Reaction networks HW3 due, HW4 handout  


M Stellar Structure    
2/6 W Main Sequence    
2/8 F CNO Cycle Group Exercise (no preparation) HW4 due, HW5 handout  
2/11 M Direct reaction rates    
2/13 W   Presentation/Paper Topic Selection due  
2/15 F   HW5 due, no new HW  
2/18 M Resonant reaction rates    
2/20 W      
2/22 F Advanced Burning Stages First outline of paper due, HW6 handout  
2/25 M Laboratory measurements    
2/27 W      
3/1 F Class Canceled    
  M no class - Spring Break HW7 handout (electronically)  
  W no class - Spring Break    
  F no class - Spring Break    
3/11 M First Midterm Exam HW6 due  
3/13 W Advanced burning stages Outline of paper due  
3/15 F Good presentations HW7 due  
3/18 M Supernovae    
3/20 W      
3/22 F   HW8 Handout  
3/25 M 44Ti Type Ias    
3/27 W Laboratory measurements    
3/29 F s-process HW8 due  


4/3 W r-process    
4/5 F   HW9 due, HW10 Handout


4/8 M      
4/10 W      
4/12 F   HW10 due  


M p-process    
4/17 W      
4/19 F Neutron Stars Term Paper Due  
4/22 M      
4/24 W rp-process    
4/26 F Second Midterm Exam    
Finals week   Presentations